Approaching retirement

When can you afford to retire? How much money will you need to achieve the lifestyle you want? Which pension option is most suitable for you? We will help you gain the clarity and answers you are looking for.

Helping you prepare

Whether retirement is just around the corner or still a few years away, planning ahead means you are more likely to achieve a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement.

Our starting point is always your vision for the future. What would you like your retirement lifestyle to look like? Do you want to retire as soon as possible or wind down gradually over many years? Armed with the answers to the important questions, we can start to craft your financial plan and ensure your pensions, savings and investments are all aligned to help you achieve your vision.

How we work

The five stages to developing your lifetime financial plan
Initial meeting

1. Initial meeting

Get to know us (at no cost) and find out if we are the right financial planners for you.

Fact find

2. Fact find

Help us to get a clear picture of your current financial situation and your plans for the future.

Planning meeting

3. Planning meeting

We will begin to design your plan and make recommendations aligned with your lifestyle goals.


4. Implementation

Sit back and let us implement the core recommendations from our agreed plan.

Ongoing service

5. Ongoing service

Meet with us on a regular basis to ensure you remain on track to meet your goals.