How we work

Financial planning begins with you and your goals. We are not here to sell products; we are here to help you and your family achieve the lifestyle you want, now and in the future.

The five stages to developing your lifetime financial plan

Initial meeting
Planning meeting
Ongoing service
Initial meeting
Get to know us (at no cost) and find out if we are the right financial planners for you.

The initial meeting is an informal chat that will help you establish whether we are the right financial planners for you.

Always at our expense, we will have a conversation over a cup of tea or coffee to find out more about your aspirations, goals, and worries.

We can let you know whether we can help you address the concerns you have. We will also explain the financial planning process to you so that you know what to expect, and clearly outline our fees.

Help us to get a clear picture of your current financial situation and your plans for the future.

Our first job is to gather as much information from you as we can.

Some of this will be administrative information, such as details of any existing pensions, investments, savings, or protection plans you have.

We will also delve deeper into your personal circumstances and aims for the future. Only by understanding what you want to achieve can we begin to create a financial plan to help you get there.

Planning meeting
We will begin to design your plan and make recommendations aligned with your lifestyle goals.

Once we know all about you, we can start to make some recommendations.

Your financial plan will often cover a range of important areas, from ensuring you are saving enough to having the right protection for your family. It is also important that your financial plan is as tax-efficient as it can be.

This is your chance to ask us any questions you have and for us to explain our advice and strategy. We can also use sophisticated cashflow planning to show you, in simple and understandable terms, what your financial future could look like. It can be a transformative moment that enables you to make genuinely life-changing decisions.

Sit back and let us implement the core recommendations from our agreed plan.

When you are happy with your financial plan and our advice, we will implement any recommendations we have made.

This might be to consolidate some of your pensions, realign your investment portfolio, undertake some tax or estate planning, or simply put the right protection in place.

We will take care of all the paperwork and any admin involved in starting to implement your financial plan.


Ongoing service
Meet with us on a regular basis to ensure you remain on track to meet your goals.

It is important to remember that financial planning is not a one-off task.

Over time, your plans and ambitions will change, and so will those of the wider world. This is why many clients choose to continue working with us on an ongoing basis.

It ensures you remain on track and allows us to review your progress towards your goals. For those clients that opt for an ongoing service, we will meet on at least an annual basis to ensure their plan remains appropriate as their needs and circumstances change. You will also have access to your dedicated adviser throughout the year.

Many of our clients have been with us for years, and it is this long-term partnership that we want to build with you.